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True Faith and Sound Learning

A book by Myron J. Taylor

This is a book that has been written over the thirty years of my ministry with the Westwood Hills Christian Church in Los Angeles California (1969-1999). The various articles represent front pages of our church paper, The Cathedral Messenger. At Westwood Hills we came to feel that in addition to printing important events of the past and future, the church paper should function as an educational opportunity. The front page was often used for promotional purposes, but most of the time it was given to a major article of teaching and instruction sometimes carrying over to a full column on the back page. These articles often follow the theme of the sermon for the day, or, a serious discussion of some important doctrine, or an issue that was currently facing the community mind. As we look back over these front pages they seem to be worth passing on to a new generation of readers. They can be used for devotional reading. Some of them can be useful in teaching.   And so we pass on to you the fruit of our labor, hoping that perhaps it will have something worth while to say to you. God bless you as you read and ponder with us these various facets of our efforts to express true faith and sound learning.

Book Price $15.00 (plus shipping and handling $3.00).

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